четвртак, 03. мај 2018.

Wedding couples on dessert forks...idea for original gifting!

I make some unusual things from polymer clay `3 in 1`- cake toppers, dessert forks and long lasting memory  :) 
Great gift for wedding couple!
Customers send me a photos of the couples and the result can be like this :

Theme was `beach wedding`... Satisfied customer : `Amazing job. I have told so many people in hopes someone else has an event they can order some too. I can't wait to see his face. The similarity is spot on. I will be ordering again! Thank you, thank you! `
 This is the cake topper of Mexican couple and message here is the message from another satisfied client : 
2:41pm EDT
Message:`I wanted to follow up and thank you for my order! The day before the wedding, I checked the mail and saw a post card from the post office that they had tried to deliver your package but no one was home. I went the day of the wedding and picked it up in person. I was so excited, that I opened in right there and then in front of the postal clerk!! He, too, liked it! Here is a picture of it on our cake. Thanks again!!!! I loved it!`

Ready for gifting !

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